Granada 2008

The following pictures were taken at the Spanish city Granada, during the October of 2008. Granada is the capital of the autonomous community of Andalucia, which is situated at the South of Spain. The word “granada” means pomegranate in English. It is a spherical fruit with a tough golden-orange outer skin, containing many individual segments of sweet red gelatinous flesh. The people of Granada are extroverted, always ready to tell you joke, no matter if it is the first time they see you!  Back to the time when I visited the city, there were some celebrations on the streets near the centre. People were dressed with medieval clothes, others playing medieval instruments and a whole medieval flea market was set up, selling everything from meat to miniatures of furniture! For those who want to drink a cup of tea at a traditional Arabic teashop, there are plenty of opportunities, as Granada was a colony of the Arabs during the Middle Ages. The greatest example of the wonderful Arabic architecture is the palace of Alhambra. Once there, you should definitely pay a visit. Don ‘t forget to have a look at the gypsy neighbourhood as well! It is called Albaicín and is situated at an altitude that you can have a view of the whole city! If you meet people dancing and singing flamenco at the streets, don ‘t be surprised! It is common over here that people have a good time by celebrating with the most simple things… A wish we all could simplify happiness like them some time…


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