Santiago de Compostela 2009

I ‘ve been dreaming for a long time a trip to Galicia, the Celtic land of Spain! The land where everything is green, as a Galician friend used to ensure me! And which city would be more adecuate to start with than the all over Europe (at least) famous meeting point of pilgrims, Santiago de Compostela! Thousands of pilgrims gather at the city every year and especially over the last ten years the event is gaining popularity rather rapidly. There are different routes that start from cities of France or Portugal, but the official Spanish route starts from the Pyrenees and crosses 800km. at the north of Spain until it reaches at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, which is the finishing point. St James’ s shell, symbol of the route, can easily be located in almost every pavement of the city! Santiago is a place that perfectly combines stunning medieval buildings along with modern shopping malls and restaurants. It feels like been transferred in time while walking at those narrow, paved streets… Surrounded by plains that calm the eye, the mind and the soul, I grabbed the opportunity to walk as much as I could and inflate my lungs with fresh air. That place gained a distinct place in my heart, a feeling of inspiration of life emerged from the air… I promised myself to return.


6 responses to “Santiago de Compostela 2009

  1. I think you can write a book out of these!! 🙂 Not to mention the nice taken photos. Good job Gianni!

  2. I’d have to go along with with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!
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  3. This is precisely the important information I’d been searching for. Incredible blog. Very inspirational! Your posts are so good and also detailed. The links you come with are also very beneficial as well. Many thanks 🙂
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    • I shall thank you for your supporting words and repeat what I always say: this blog is my opportunity to share with people my experiences of each trip I have made, by uploading pictures I took and writing a few things concerning each city… I’ m glad you enjoyed it!

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