A Coruña 2009

Given the chance of being at Galicia, I couldn’t miss the chance to visit its second largest city and international port, A Coruña! The mere idea of reaching the point that the european land meets the Atlantic Ocean, was stimulating me! Of course, it wasn´t just that the reason! I was craving for more, green Galician lands! Luckily, small coniferous forests and valleys extended to where the eye could reach, throughout the route. The distance from Santiago de Compostela is 77km, so it took us approximately an hour and half to reach A Coruña.

The first thing I saw right after getting off the bus, was a marvellous square, fool of different kinds of bushes and trees, perfect for sitting on a bench at the shadow of them and read or take a nap!  My steps around the port led me to the San Antón Castle, built between the 16th and the 17th century, in a small island of the Bay of A Coruña. Cannons are still pointing at the ocean, through the embrasures, giving a heroic tone at this corner of the port! The view from the top is spectacular! The blue of the ocean unites with the multicoloured city, while a lighthouse at close distance marks the port entrance.

After that, a visit to the old town was obligatory. The Maria Pita square is on itself a must-see! The atmosphere over there is that of a past century, and I was astonished by the greatness of the Town Hall and Council building! Taking a walk at the streets around this square, in order to buy souvenirs or eat at a nice, cheap restaurant, is something that I strongly recommend!

Finally, as the Atlantic Ocean was still calling me,  I couldn’t omit a visit at the famous beach of A Coruña. I walked up to the rocks and experienced the calmness of being next to the infinite sea, while a light wind was caressing my face. Some of the beauty of the scenery has been captured at the last four images…


4 responses to “A Coruña 2009

  1. susan g komen Uncovered your webblog discussing Courteney Cox last month but chose not to leave a review : but nevertheless, I was actually out doors biking this week and experienced a stunning innovative brainwave for my eshop based around your stuff on this page thus wanted to offer kudos for your drive

    • Although I don’ t get the connection between the topic of my blog and Courteney Cox and how did this lead you up to here, I ‘m really glad to hear that people get inspired from my hobbie of taking pictures and sharing them! 🙂

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