Castellón de la Plana 2008-2009

This one´s for my beloved Castellón de la Plana, the place where I spent the six more particularly spectacular months of my life as an Erasmus student! Life full of colours…yes, this would be the most representative title for this period! So many colours in faces, places, cultures, languages, tastes! The Erasmus life is a whole parallel universe that someone has to be a part of in order to understand what it is about!

The squares in the centre of Castellón de la Plana, the university campus, the streets, the Principal Theatre, the Cathedral, the-fortunately bloodless-bullfighting, the Medieval Market just before Christmas and, most of all, my favourite place to have a beer and listen to heavy metal music, the Manowar Pub!

In my heart and mind, Castellón de la Plana has been marked as the Never Neverland, a unique place in time and space where each and every Erasmus student has left a part of his soul forever… Until we meet again… Cheers! Γεια μας! ¡Salud! Santé!


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