New York 2009

New York City don’t mean nothing, was singing Jon Oliva of Savatage in Streets: A Rock Opera. Well, to me it has always meant a lot! I had seen so many pictures, videos, movies, where parts of the city were depicted, that I had already travelled there, again and again, in my imaginary journeys. I had never really planned to pay a visit in practice, though.

The opportunity my University gave me to travel to the United States I could not let it go to waste! So, after starting with Washington D.C., it was time now to move to our second and last stop, New York City. The Big Apple grabs you by the throat from the first moment and makes it crystal clear it has nothing to do with any European city! Skyscrapers of different architectural styles spring up from everywhere so that within a few hours you have already lost the count, gigantic digital screens projecting any kind of advertisement cover them up entirely, a crowd of street promoters of Broadway’s theatrical performances wear digital screens on their backs like backpacks playing the trailers and scream their lungs out all over Times Square area to convince the crowd the show is worthy, limousines appear every now and then, multicoloured tourists walk in a hectic pace to combine sightseeing by the different colours and companies of tourist buses on one hand with shopping therapy on the other, while trying to take a picture of each and every spot of the city, to help them remember what an amazing experience they have lived!

I only spent two days there, there was no more time. Two days equals zero for New York, you don’t know where to start from! So, I tried my best to get a glimpse of the city’s monuments from the outside, as I didn’t have time to wait on lines, with only exceptions the Madame Tussaud’s museum and the Central Park! I can’t complain anyway, the essence is I’ve been there, I’ve breathed the New Yorker air, I’ve stored so many fascinating images in pictures, I’ve talked to local Afro-American, Latin American, even Greek American! And when Jon Oliva sings in the same song about New York that its Lights they cut so bright they make you bleed, well, to me it has been a never-ending carnival, perfect for lively vacation, but soul-consuming at the same time for someone who wants to live and work there.


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