Barcelona 2011-2012 II: The obscure part

Forget about the first part of pictures I showed you, you can find this kind of stuff anywhere, as far as the perspective is concerned. I’m quite aware of that.

Now I need to open a small window, allowing you to have a look at the innermost part of Barcelona I’ve met, as a special gift from a person who considers himself an eternal captive of the charm the city emits. Far from the starlight of its fancy attractions, the internationally recognized people that have created and maintain its glamor in numerous artistic or non-artistic fields, the endless golden sand beaches that embrace the Mediterranean, all of which constitute the main list of inducements for large groups of tourists.

Part II is for my own Barcelona, the one I preserve in mind as a jewel. Please, have a seat and let me show you around!


2 responses to “Barcelona 2011-2012 II: The obscure part

    • You should visit both at once my friend, it’s easy to make a combo as Toledo is at 70km only from Madrid. Once into Toledo’s paved streets, you feel like wandering around Medieval centuries!

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