Rome 2009

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Roma, la città eterna! One of my dream destinations in Europe, since…forever! When I, at last, set foot at the city, I had that feeling of accomplishment of a great target…and, at the same time, filled with excitement, I could not wait to discover this new land! This time, I came prepared. A friend of mine, […]

New York 2009

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New York City don’t mean nothing, was singing Jon Oliva of Savatage in Streets: A Rock Opera. Well, to me it has always meant a lot! I had seen so many pictures, videos, movies, where parts of the city were depicted, that I had already travelled there, again and again, in my imaginary journeys. I […]

Washington 2009

This gallery contains 32 photos.

And suddenly, while I still was at Castellón de la Plana studying as an Erasmus student, the news hit me like a lightning: my university back in Athens, the Panteion, was organizing an educational trip to Washington D.C.! We would visit the Newseum, a unique museum about the history of journalism, the CBS bureau, the […]

Castellón de la Plana 2008-2009

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This one´s for my beloved Castellón de la Plana, the place where I spent the six more particularly spectacular months of my life as an Erasmus student! Life full of colours…yes, this would be the most representative title for this period! So many colours in faces, places, cultures, languages, tastes! The Erasmus life is a […]

A Coruña 2009

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Given the chance of being at Galicia, I couldn’t miss the chance to visit its second largest city and international port, A Coruña! The mere idea of reaching the point that the european land meets the Atlantic Ocean, was stimulating me! Of course, it wasn´t just that the reason! I was craving for more, green […]

Santiago de Compostela 2009

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I ‘ve been dreaming for a long time a trip to Galicia, the Celtic land of Spain! The land where everything is green, as a Galician friend used to ensure me! And which city would be more adecuate to start with than the all over Europe (at least) famous meeting point of pilgrims, Santiago de […]