Arachova 2010

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The fog had already made its presence felt about 5 kilometres before entering the village. Spooky as it would seem, yet it added an atmosphere of mystery to the place. It matched so well with the winter landscape. Mountainous villages should be dressed in fog at winter at least, if not in snow.


Santorini 2010

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OK my friends, so you got me: it is indeed Santorini the answer in the quiz, well done! Flashback in 2010: summer is just around the corner. A young couple in love looking for a Greek island to spend their vacation. Somewhere romantic. The choice was easy. Santorini is a world famous tourist destination for […]

Greek Island Quiz

OK, so you all think you know the Greek islands well my friends? Here’s the deal:

Secret island

I know the picture is a bit blurry, but that’s exactly the reason I chose it. Good luck!

Brussels 2010

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This one was the first time I was visiting a city without a map in hand. There was no need to. It was just me and her, free to explore a whole new city and this was more than enough! Strange to me yet so invigorating, we just let the city flow carry us away. […]