Hydra 2014

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To Greeks, especially Athenians, Hydra island constitutes one of the most classic destinations for a weekend escape. Situated only 37 nautical miles (69 km) from Piraeus port and with 4-5 ferry options per day (the only means of transportation available, since there’s no airport), you can set foot on the island in less than 2 hours time!

Girona 2012

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Aaaaand there we go (sound of drum intro), my third and last day trip to Cataluña autonomous community cities back in August of 2012, for your eyes only. It had to be something special for the closure of such a memorable period of my life and definitely a city related to water, somehow.

Tarragona 2012

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During my post-Master-studies Catalan summer of 2012, I had plenty of time to visit the provincial cities of the autonomous community of Catalonia. So I took a map in my hands and started calculating the time needed to get a full taste of each city on 1 day trips from my base in Barcelona, and was […]

Lisboa 2012

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Long time no write, my friends! This doesn’t mean no travel as well, absolutely not. Lots of travel stories are still to come from me. . . At a snail pace, but they will, trust me! Now this trip to the capital of Portugal has been the most exciting yet, in terms of company. I […]

Barcelona 2011-2012 II: The obscure part

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Forget about the first part of pictures I showed you, you can find this kind of stuff anywhere, as far as the perspective is concerned. . . Part II is for my own Barcelona, the one I keep in mind as a jewel.

Barcelona 2011-2012

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14 months of living in a city gives you undoubtedly plenty of time. I seized the opportunity to go sightseeing to almost every piece of art created by the hands of genius renowned architect Antoni Gaudí, explore the bars in Raval, Barri Gòtic and Gràcia, celebrate goals at the temple of football Camp Nou, walk along the Barceloneta beach at night, climb the Tibidabo Mountain by the Funicular de Tibidabo, watch the correfoc at the central streets during La Mercè Festival and smell the freshly picked roses while buying books along the Rambla on Sant Jordi’s day, Catalonia’s patron saint.

Arachova 2010

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The fog had already made its presence felt about 5 kilometres before entering the village. Spooky as it would seem, yet it added an atmosphere of mystery to the place. It matched so well with the winter landscape. Mountainous villages should be dressed in fog at winter at least, if not in snow.